Trucks from the Past.
These trucks were recently sold at an estate sale of a friend of ours. 
He had great plans for restoring them to their former glory, but time waits for no man. 
Now they are all headed to a scrap yard to be recycled hopefully into new trucks.

If eyes show the soul of men
Do headlights show the soul of machines?


A lone beacon in the night.


Can you see the hummingbird?
Has the fractured glass caught a reflection of better times?


They continue to march down the endless trail.


Like a loyal dog, it waits for its driver.



Worn and tattered, they face their future with dignity.


A mighty beast he no doubt was.


Soldiering on they face their final destruction.


Or is it viewed with relief?


Their guardian lady can not save them now.


Looking into the future, perhaps,  but are those tears falling on the bumper?


No more searching for the path not followed but forever scanning the endless skies.


As fragile as the butterfly wings it resembles, the glass can no longer withstand the weather.


Fiercely loyal, the vivid colors still represent the American workers.


The patina of this paint is as beautiful as some custom paint jobs I have seen.


Showing the wrinkles and discolorations of years in the sun this old warrior, I do salute.
Goodbye, old friend